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Rilok connects private capital with budding entrepreneurs and founders to provide a platform that assures high growth. We have assisted countless organisations in achieving much higher levels of success and an elevated level of profitability.

Unlike other private equity firms, Rilok strives for a long-term partnership with our clients, learning everything about them and their business. We find this allows us to really understand your mission, values and what vision you have for your company. Combine this with our countless years in finance and several different industries, and you’ll find that we will unlock the key to your exponential growth.

Our Services

Our Services


It may seem like you already know your market, but what about others? Through our many years of industry experience, our professionals will find opportunities in other markets that best suit your company. Whether that be acquiring another firm or selling your products/services in a more global setting, we have you covered.


Shareholders are important. Period. Giving higher shareholder returns is not an easy task, as it requires careful planning, and a higher level of strategic thought to really work. Rilok will work carefully with you to find areas that can improve profitability without comprising the core competencies of the business.


Maximising financial efficiency can be a very daunting task and being too close to the business can be a detriment towards this. We will take a considered analysis of your everyday operations and find any inefficiencies that are costing your business. Working closely with you, Rilok will talk you through our findings and come up with solutions that best assist your business.

Group 111


As a private equity firm, we hold a unique part of the market. Working for us means working within a challenging, dynamic and enriching environment. Rilok employees all share the following qualities:
  • Hard-working
  • Intellectually Curious
  • Expertise in negotiations
  • Intangible people skills
  • Ability to critically manage
We are always on the look-out for talent, so get in touch if you have relevant experience and share these same qualities.

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  • Marxergasse 24, 1030 Wien, Austria

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